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Program Overview
Virginia physical science teachers of grades 6-8 are invited to apply for a two-week summer professional development workshop at The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia, with fall follow up. This is a collaboration between the University of Virginia (UVA) and Jefferson Lab (JLab). The summer workshop will be taught by Physics and Science Education faculty from UVA and staff from the Science Education group at Jefferson Lab.

During the ten-day summer professional development, teachers complete ten hands-on light and optics investigations - one lab per day. The science content for these investigations is aligned with the Virginia SOLs; therefore, with minor modification, it is expected teachers will be able to integrate these activities in their own classroom science instruction. Each lab consists of several activities that include data collection and analysis and questions to answer. Activities are designed to take a teacher from the very basics of light and optics such as light rays, shadows, mirrors, and lenses. The light and optics activities utilize a commercially available kit supplemented with low cost, easily available materials from home and hardware stores. Labs are submitted, graded, and returned. An additional focus of the professional development is pedagogy. Teachers will learn to integrate the light and optics content from the investigations with technology using an experimental inquiry model. In addition, participants will produce lesson plans and assessment tools for classroom use. Teachers will attend special Jefferson Lab seminars and tours to expose them to how light and optics are used as tools at Jefferson Lab. Teachers will earn 3 graduate credits after 1) submitting tuition payment to the University of Virginia and 2) completing all course requirements.
This program is sponsored by a Math Science Partnership grant from the Virginia Department of Education. Sixteen applicants will be accepted into the program.

Program Highlights
Attend a ten-day summer workshop at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia.
Receive a stipend of $1000 when all activities associated with the ten-day summer workshop have been successfully completed (approximately September 2014) and $500 when all data collection activities during the academic year have been completed (approximately June 2015), for a total stipend of $1500.
Receive a $100 optics lab kit with optical bench with lenses, mirrors, filters, laser pointer, etc., to complete over 50 hands-on activities when supplemented with inexpensive materials from home.
Receive free registration for the VAST PDI in Roanoke, Virginia (November 19-22, 2014).

Application Deadline - 5:00 PM May 15, 2014